Bill Horgan

Entrepreneur, CrossFit Enthusiast, President at Debug Pest Control

I have worked in most areas of pest control including, but not limited to: general pest, rodent, termite, bed bug, tick, and mosquito. I work to meet the pest control needs of businesses in the areas of food service, property management, food processing, schools, universities, hospitals, manufacturing, and warehousing. 

Aside from pest control, though, I feel that I understand the needs of people. With both staff and customers, I can clearly and quickly understand people’s wants and needs, and I do my best to deliver.

What separates me from other pest control presidents is a belief that if you take care of your staff through training, fair compensation, benefits and work to create a positive workplace, your staff will drive company growth and the bottom line. I believe that if we take care of our team, they will take of our customers, and together we will be successful. And so far, we have been. Our company has grown over 300%, and we did this while keeping the best interest of our employees and community at the center of who we are.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids, traveling, CrossFit, and following my favorite sports teams.

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